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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: New & Exciting Features Online


Dragon Ball Battle Explosive Features


Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a continuously developing game, which means that it regularly receives content, and balance updates from Bandai Namco Entertainment. This is to ensure that the game will not only stay updated but fresh as well. As you may have noticed, these types of games are designed to last for a long time. About the game’s update, the version featured on this site despite being the PC version will also feature the latest update or arrangement of the game.


Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Updates & Feature

The recent game version of the Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle added a new feature called “Link Skill Level”. This is where links are levelled up in a random order based on a percentage chance. It also resets all skills to level 1, and units do not need to transform to increase the level of transformed links. There are few more variations of this feature which you can check out on the game itself.

The new update also comes with a new battle mode called “Explosive Chain Battle”. This is where players are allowed to reach recent high scores by coordinating with the hero you take from your friends to deal damage to your opponent. To achieve the goal, the player can borrow characters from other players in the game. This will be the supporters while two connectors will get chosen from the player’s deck.




The third and latest feature is the inception of the Secret Treasure Chest. This item is available at Baba’s Shop and is obtainable using the Emblem of Cooperation from Explosive Chain Battle. You can gain access to various skill orbs by opening the Secret Treasure Chest.

In terms of the game graphics, the developer made some adjustments too in the brightness animation and sound effects. Other bugs were also ensured to get fixed in the game for better gameplay experience.

As impressive as those new features maybe, those are just the tip of the iceberg as more new content updates will be coming to Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle in the future. So what are you waiting for? Click on the Play for Free button on your screen and download Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle free on PC.